A documentation of my preservation and preparation of local foods as I work through the seasons. This will serve as a reference tool for me in the future and as a sharing guide for family and friends...and anyone else interested. Hopefully, I can offer some useful methods, tips and recipes to share with everyone--be they novice or pro--and encourage them to join me in the exciting world of preserving and cooking with local foods.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Teaching young children to crack an egg

Cracking an egg successfully can be somewhat challenging to a young child.  I've often seen them emit a deep sigh before beginning and then focus intently, hoping for anything but a crushed egg. Below are some helpful tips.  My friend, Kevin Jheng, will help me demonstrate.

Introduce them to the correct motion by having them practice opening a hinge.
Fingers/Thumbs placed as above, open hinge fully

Thumbs placed along crack of egg, open like hinge

Whoops!--try again


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