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Friday, June 10, 2011

A deliciously-new suprise--Pac Choi

Whenever at farmers market in Plainview or Rochester, I never fail to stop by the Easy Yoke Farm stand.  Dan and Hanna Miller always seem to have something I haven't seen at other stands--either something very early or something new.  A month ago it was yummy mild radishes from their hoop garden.  This week was no exception--I discovered Pac Choi.
Figure two bunches per serving.
Store in perforated or open bag in fridge for 2-3 days.

Pac Choi is baby bok choi.  It has a milder flavor than Bok Choi and has a reputation as an excellent stir fry ingredient.  It's raw flavor reminds me of mild kohlorabi.  Substituted for celery, it would give a little kick to salads.  I discovered a scrumptous side dish when I cooked it up.  Here is how I prepared it:

Fried Pac Choi
Put a hunk of butter in a fry pan, turn on med. heat to melt and coat bottom.  Slice and dice four to six bunches of pac choi, including leaves, into 1/2" pieces.  Add pac choi in single layer.  Add a light sprinkle of dill weed and, if desired, pinch of caraway seed.  Cook until starting to brown--when stalk pieces are starting to soften and leaves are getting dry and crunchy.

Whoo-boy!  You're in for a treat!

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