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Friday, June 10, 2011

Farm Fresh Eggs

After you've gone through a carton of farm fresh eggs, you'll never buy any other.  There's a discerning difference in the flavor--that is, they have flavor.

I buy my eggs from local farmers, most of whom free-range their chickens on a vegetarian diet, free of antibiotics and hormones.  I am spoiled by the fresh taste and rich flavor of these eggs.

Farm fresh eggs can be stored for up to a couple of months.  As they absorb other odors easily, store them in their original carton in the refrigerator not near odoriferous foods, such as onions.

Blood spots on egg yolks are a natural occurrence, such as a blood vessel rupturing on the surface.  They do not indicate that the egg is fertile, and they do not affect the flavor.

With my farmers' many different breeds of hens, my eggs come in a variety of size and colors.  In fact, they're so attractive I have a hard time cracking them open for use.  I couldn't help but blowing out and rinsing many of them to save the pretty shells.  Here's my "egg bowl".
 My bowl is full; so Hubby can finally have fried or boiled eggs again.

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  1. The eggs come from Hannah's sister. She and her husband have a stand near by. I got some eggs from them. I will be making egg cosies for the girls so they can have their "German eggs" when they come this summer.