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Monday, September 5, 2011

Dear Children: Not all food comes from the grocery stores.

I think it's wonderful when kids learn where real food comes from; that is, when they engage in projects of picking and home-processing produce.  I therefore enjoyed seeing the facebook blog from my niece, Michelle Chung, where her children visited an orchard, picked apples and made applesauce at home.  And when I read the following excerpt from Michelle's post, I know the lessons learned here will be life-long and invaluable to this child:
Today, Morgan was my helper and did everything from washing apples, pressing them in the Sauce Master and ladling the hot jars.
The Chung Children, and a friend, ready to pick apples.
Annika Chung saucing apples.

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  1. Doesn't Erik look hilarious in the first picture?

    So heavy-laden with the task of apple picking! Yeah,right. He had a blast running up and down the orchard picking low fruit!
    Thanks for the post.