A documentation of my preservation and preparation of local foods as I work through the seasons. This will serve as a reference tool for me in the future and as a sharing guide for family and friends...and anyone else interested. Hopefully, I can offer some useful methods, tips and recipes to share with everyone--be they novice or pro--and encourage them to join me in the exciting world of preserving and cooking with local foods.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Using my whey bread dough (previous post), I took a soft-ball-size amount and flattened it out with my hands.  I sprinkled the flattened dough generously with cinnamon powder (a little sugar added) and then placed raisins and a few walnuts all over it.   I rolled it up, pulling the dough as I rolled so it would be thin and tight, then pinched the edges. After letting it rise for an hour or so, I baked it at 350 until golden brown.
Flattened out with cinnamon, raisins, walnuts.

Rolled up and in the (greased) bread pan.

Perfect cinnamon bread!

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