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Saturday, May 7, 2011

April Showers bring May Flowers for the Table

I love the warmth and color that cloth linens add to a meal; and using them supports my "zero paper/packaging" goal. A meal at Grandma's was all the more inviting with her many-different, hand-stitched tablecloths and matching napkins.

Being a collector of dish sets and linens, I provide myself the opportunity to change the look of our table for every season and holidays.  The meal table never gets boring.

Pink roses seemed appropriate for the dishes and table linens during the month of May. 
The tablecloth was my favorite of Grandma's.  She used to iron on the pattern and take them to her wheelchair-bound mother, who would then add the color.  This is one of those sets embroidered by my Great Grandmother.

  I acquired this set of rose-patterned dishes
while working at a jewelry store during my college years. 

If you looking for in vintage table linens and accessories, visit my cousin Sandy Cookman's website, hobnobbers-sandy.blogspot.com, for some exciting buys and great sales.    

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