A documentation of my preservation and preparation of local foods as I work through the seasons. This will serve as a reference tool for me in the future and as a sharing guide for family and friends...and anyone else interested. Hopefully, I can offer some useful methods, tips and recipes to share with everyone--be they novice or pro--and encourage them to join me in the exciting world of preserving and cooking with local foods.

Monday, March 18, 2013

My Food Bible

I was gifted this book over ten years ago by one of my organic farmers, Diane Leonhardt of Natures Little Farms.  It is Nourishing Traditions  by Sally Fallon.  I have since kept it handy, used it as my main resource for nutrition and tried many of the food processes and recipes in it.  Lately, I have revisited this book to read it cover-to-cover as a refresher course.  I am so glad to rediscover what a treasure trove this book is for a healthy lifestyle.  I have recommitted myself to the ingredients and methods she describes.  (My more-recent blogs are an indication.)  I recommend this book for anyone striving for excellent health.  At the very least, your health will greatly improve by eliminating the refined-foods we have become accustomed to in our diets, and following her advice. 
I never tire of reading the tips and tales she offers in the
page margins  They provide endless "aha" moments! 

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